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August 16, 2018 1 min read

By: Jason Chin

This was my 6th EDC in a row, but my first EDC wearing Zound Earplugs. Back in 2013, I did a full seven days of EDC week and I honestly don't know I survived without earplugs. My ears were ringing after every single show! I wanted to write a quick article to share my experience with you.

Can Earplugs Be Comfortable?

I've tried wearing foam earplugs before, and they have always been very uncomfortable and a little bulky. During most longer festivals, I just gave up and threw them away. With Zound, the earplugs stayed in for me the entire time and were extremely comfortable. I actually went to sleep the first night at camp, and forgot they were in.


The Music

Normally with foam earplugs, the music sounds really muffled - which has always taken away from the festival experience (at least for me). With Zound, you are able to hear the music VERY clearly. I was close to speakers multiple times during EDC, and still heard everything with great clarity. Also, it was much easier to have conversations with my friends while my earplugs were in.


Worth the Price?

After paying $500+ for a 3 day festival, a few extra bucks to make my experience better was 100% worth it for me. I used to buy uncomfortable, disposable earplugs before every event. I have probably spent well over $100 on disposable earplugs. With Zound, the earplugs are re-usable, so you get to use them at nightclubs, concerts, and festivals every single time.